Zuckerberg – blood on the pacific

On the 23rd May, Facebook and aka Mark Zuckerberg fell apart @D8, the focus primarily down to Calacanis focused on Facebook and the dreaded word privacy. This video captured by the budding press who are clearly vying for a story shows it all. It’s worth a watch http://d8.allthingsd.com/speakers/mark-zuckerberg/full-session-video/

JonZuckerberg – blood on the pacific

Backfire for Jason vs Zuckerberg ?

Yep, we all know that Jason quite likes the sound of his own voice. Damm, he’s a new yorker, journalist and passionate tech so really what do you expect. It’s not that I agree with him on every point he makes, far from it. The reason I and many thousands of others are part of his mailing list is down …

JonBackfire for Jason vs Zuckerberg ?