Paul Allen sues Apple, Google, Facebook, others over Web patents

Image via CrunchBase This is super interesting …. check this out. I really cannot believe this guy when he is worth as much as a small country, should be fun to watch unfold …. its sort of the same as the RIM issue some years back. Licensing companies with the sole purpose if making money through IP. A firm owned …

JonPaul Allen sues Apple, Google, Facebook, others over Web patents

Zuckerberg – blood on the pacific

On the 23rd May, Facebook and aka Mark Zuckerberg fell apart @D8, the focus primarily down to Calacanis focused on Facebook and the dreaded word privacy. This video captured by the budding press who are clearly vying for a story shows it all. It’s worth a watch

JonZuckerberg – blood on the pacific

Backfire for Jason vs Zuckerberg ?

Yep, we all know that Jason quite likes the sound of his own voice. Damm, he’s a new yorker, journalist and passionate tech so really what do you expect. It’s not that I agree with him on every point he makes, far from it. The reason I and many thousands of others are part of his mailing list is down …

JonBackfire for Jason vs Zuckerberg ?