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I suppose I am a self confessed techie – technology fascinates me not in what it can do today but the opportunities it opens up to change our lives. This isn’t just in business – although people think business is where the real innovation comes from, I have to disagree.

The driving force is from the consumer world – just look at the technology we use in our everyday lives and how large parts of this has now trickled into the world of work. It’s that blur that has always fascinated me as it goes against the core of the traditional business world, challenges our paradigms and it is something that this old world cannot resist indefinitely.

I always try to come from  a position of knowledge – hence I own every gadget under the sun and sign up for every new service early – many fail to become the faithful side kicks.

I was lucky – I lived in Woodside, CA back in the 90’s and saw the internet unfold. My mind was open, clear and I was fascinated by the opportunities this would bring for everyone. Importantly I met Craig and his sphere of innovators – the people who we’re and are the agents of change.

I distinctly remember coming back to the UK and telling people about the web – intranets, extranets. People really did not get it – we were still in the era of dial up and netscape.

I have always tried to be in charge of my own destiny throughout my career and for my 15 years in the IT business, hence my journey through Corporate and Start up.

I just try to do what is right, listen to people and then use that technology toolkit to solve a problem. So, I have pushed hard and innovated hard within the big corporate monoliths, startup VC funded businesses and owner/managed business. I have been the techie, the consultant, the manager and the CEO. Importantly, I have had my ass kicked hard in the process but that all adds to the experience.


I firmly believe you need to have a couple of lessons in your career – work in a corporate, work in a small business and earn your own money. It helps to shape the different sides of your personality and develops skills you never thought you had.

No doubt I am going to change this rambling as i look back and think, hey that’s not right. However the one thing that creates success is the people around you. You may get a ‘hunch’ that you are right and through experience you learn to ’smell it, cut through the crap whilst all too often grabbing a few painful nettles on the way and kissing a few frogs (someone told me that one not too long ago).

You never learn a bad lesson even though you may have had a bad experience. It’s all about how you deal with it and the relationships you can make along the way. People motivate you, make you objective, give you ideas but equally can present the biggest challenges morally and ethically you will ever have to face.

Cheers for now